I have to post this photo, Seth will hate it. This was taken when we were waiting to see the coal mine at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I am only able to get intermittent computer connection to the internet, so this will be a quick post. I don't know why we have been having problems staying connected, but it has been going on a for a few days now and I am really tired of it.

Do you remember these machines from childhood? Scott and I were surprised to see they are still in various places in Chicago. They had them at the zoo and at the museum. Sadly, though, none at Wicked. Can you imagine? Instead of $1.50 they would have $5.00, and nothing at Wicked is that cheap! Seth got a train molded from black plastic from the machine.
We ate at the overpriced Rainforest Cafe, and the kids posed with the tree frog, Cha Cha. They still seem to love these mascot like walking stuffed animals. I do find them less creepy than clowns.

Someone backed into my van in a parking lot last week and the van is now in the shop. I do have a rental car, but didn't feel like going anywhere today. I stayed home and dipped some Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate and read the paper and did some laundry. I even cleaned up the house a bit. Not having the internet has been a great thing for the household chore list.


Brukewilliams said...

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Savor the Journey said...

Arrrrgh! Parking lot travesty ... ICK! Glad to see you're still in control, and willing to share it all with us! ((((hugs))))) in plentiful supply from Texas!!

:o) Tex