Hanna The Elf Catcher

This will just be a quick update on the news of the day.
Up first, for the Hanna Stamps challenge, I used a Hanna that has a star in her hand. I swap out the star for things that are funner, at least to me. Hanna has held turkeys, Halloween candy, you name it. She is a busy girl. For this card she caught one of Santa's elves. The elf is really a stamp from Amuse, the rest are Hanna Stamps. The paper is Basic Grey.
Seth got notice today that he got into Student Council at school. It's a pretty big feat as lots of kids applied and few made it. I have no idea how they pick who gets onto the Council, but he is so very happy.
Noah woke up with a swollen face. He said he felt okay so Scott gave him benadryl and sent him to school. The doctors office starts answering the phones at 8 AM so I called as soon as I could to get him to the doctor. Turns out they had an 8:30 appointment. So, I literally threw Seth out of the house, homework undone, to stand out for the bus by himself while we hoped another neighbor parent would come along soon. I called a neighbor on the way out of the neighborhood to get Noah and said "Seth is standing on the corner with a clipboard and homework. Can you get there soon, and help him finish his homework?!" Oh my goodness. This is why I am always telling him not to put his homework off. Emergencies happen!
The doctor thinks it is poison ivy again. Noah's face was totally swollen and
his eyes were like slits. We got him some meds and some rest and a good lunch and he felt well enough to finish the afternoon at school.
The kids are counting down the hours till they can Trick or Treat. I even painted my nails green like Seth did. Seth is the Wicked Witch and Noah is Obi Wan Kenobi. I am supposed to wear pink and be Glinda so Seth is disturbed by my green nails. But the green was too sparkly for me to resist! Why should my son be the only one with pretty nails on Halloween?!


hemidemisemiquaver said...

Ha hA ha! That is a funny card! How cute :) You know I was so obsessed with Longaberger I have been to Dresden Ohio twice! LOL! Such geeks we are ;)

Auntie said...

Love the card...glad I can click on it to enlarge it once again to see it closer!

I can't wait to see the halloween pictures!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Kim's birthday cake! It was delicious!! I like the card. Didn't know I could enlarge it until I read Rebecca's post. It looks like she is going to spank the elf. That won't get her any presents, or will it?

Auntie said...

Got your card today and loved it! Thanks a bunch!

Hope to see you this week!!!

Gina said...

Love the elf there, that is so funny!

crazed lunatic said...

too cute a card....hope that your Halloween went well. Can't wait to see pictures! :)

Summerthyme Studio said...

Ha!!! Hilarious!!!!!