I am in Recovery

My antibiotics are kicking in and I feel somewhat better, just weak and tired. I rested a lot yesterday, as best as I could. I really wanted someone to come over and feed me a hot meal. I was dreaming of chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes. Comfort food I could gorge on and then carry me off to sleep. My friend Rebecca has the best mom ever, lovingly called Nana by the rest of us. I was wishing she was my neighbor so she could take care of me. (Yes, I know, very self centered of me, but that's what an illness can do to you.) I even tried shutting my eyes and wishing real hard, and clicking my heels together threee times, but I couldn't seem to send ESP messages to Nana across the miles.

You remember that we went to Chicago last weekend? I made the boys pose in the giant kangaroo belly. Someday they will hate me. Actually we drove straight to Chicago with no stops at all. When we pulled off the interstate to eat Seth said from the back of the van "Throw my shoes to me, will you?" What? Yes, In the midst of Scott and I packing up the van for the trip, Seth had climbed in without shoes and had none to wear. I made him put on my tennis shoes and go into the restaurant, flopping like clown shoes the whole way. Thankfully we found a Payless shoe store down the street. He just thought surely we would think to pack his shoes for him! In reality you could never pack that child's shoes, he has so many pairs and changes them with his mood each day.
I made this for Hanna Stamps. It is a button from a company called Buttons Galore. I stamped the ballerina Sophie Moose on it and colored it with copics. It meets two Friday Challenge requirements, it is a button and it has pink on it. One of the challenges was to use buttons in your creation.

This is just a billboard from Chicago. It struck my fancy so I took a photo of it. It's sort of how I like to think I live my life, very happily to the beat of my own drummer.
Okay, back to lay down now.


Auntie said...

I have so much GUILT! I can not believe I didn't read your blog or read my email that you were sick until this evening and found out you were SICK and needed food! What a bad bad bad friend I am! I hope you will forgive me!

Anonymous said...

My poor, poor baby. I am so sorry you have been sick, and yes I would have brought you something to eat. I made a brocolli salad, baked beans and a scrumptuous (sp?) pumpkin cake for our church hayride/weenie roast tonight so I could have fixed a little more for you. I hope you are feeling better soon. Get some rest.

Gina said...

Glad to know you are feeling better. Love that picture from Chicago!

Africakid said...

Get better soon! Eat piles of mashed potatoes!

I love that poster of the ballet dancer. Very funny.