We are back from the trip down south, and warn out.

The Friday Hanna Challenge was to create a Hanna and use snowflakes. I made an obvious choice and used the new Ski Bunny set. I couldn't post it before we left, but it is ready to be shown now. What you really can't see is that I used glitter on the ends of the skis and the bottom of Hanna. This card sparkles in real life!

Scott took his laptop with him on vacation, although this may be the first vacation that the boys were on it more than he was. They were happily together looking up whatever it is that interested them in that moment, but as soon as I got my camera out Seth made a sour face. Why? Because he can, that's why.

As soon as Noah is done for the day/in for the night he strips down to his underwear. He may not want to be on the internet for all to see in his boxers, but that is just how he is.

While we were in Kentucky we went to a place called Kentucky Down Under. It is a place with an Australian theme owned by an Australian lady. It is part zoo, part education. The kids loved it. What Noah dearly loved was the birds that come and eat out of your hands once you enter their aviary. Fortunately, only one of us got pooped on. Unfortunately that was me! I apparently had some in my hair and whoever was working came over right away to clean it up. I glad not be the sqeamish sort.

We also made the mandatory visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum, despite the fact none of us are baseball players or even slightly interested in baseball. The museum was interesting and as parents, we all know how we do what makes the kids happy. This is one of those things they wanted to see. Only God knows why. I made them pose in front of the big bat out front and in the carved glove inside. I am a mom, it's what I do.


Auntie said...

Cute card and pictures! Thanks for sharing.

How about lunch one day this week? I have a coupon for LePeep...we could share the fare!

Africakid said...

Sorry your hair got messed!
When I was in college, our folks took us to Amsterdam on the way back to the US, and I remember walking underneath the wrong tree at the train station and having about twenty pigeons poop in it at once. Sadness.