Stinkin' Cute!

Is it wrong to be in love with one of your creations? I recently bought a few stamps from Amuse. Mainly because they have some of the sweetest little sentiment stamps. I am sucker for sentiments. Oh sure, I love cute images like everyone else. But it is having the perfect words to go with the stamps that I truly love.

I got this igloo stamp from Amuse along with the sentiment. I couldn't resist adding the penguins to the set. This was simple, easy and adorable. It makes me wonder why I am knocking myself out to make such complicated cards all the time.

The laundry is back under control, the kids are in school, and I had breakfast today. Life is in order once again. It is a little cool out but I plan to put on my warm coat and brave the chill for a lunch out with my friend Candice.


Susan said...

This is really cute. I like the simplicity of the white background

crazed lunatic said...

again, a great card! :) shows how versatile your talents really are, girlie! :)

hope you're doing well...

...and no, i don't know what chopped liver is, really...unless it's the braunschweiger that we used to eat as kids. that really is chopped liver...was damn tasty until i learned it was offal!

Auntie said...

For some reason, I can't blow the card up and look at it by clicking on it. I used to so I missed seeing the saying. The card does look adorable from a far but I sure wish I could see it up close!