Out on a Limb

SplitCoast has their Wednesday Sketch Challenge in full swing and I am offering up for your interest my entry. The stamps are all from Ppapertrey Ink. I used their Out on a Limb set as well as a bird from Birds of a Feather. The quote says " The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you." I wasn't sure when to stp adding embellishments to this card. I hope I stopped before I totally went overboard. I think the card is tasteful, not tacky.
It will likely be several days before I blog again. The kids have Fall Break from school for the next few days and we are headed out to a weekend get away with them. We decided to go to Louisville and see the Louisville Slugger factory and check out Mammoth Caves. Scott is more interested in the caves than I am, but I am a good sport. Plus the kids have never been to see them. Well, at least not that they can remember. Noah is very excited about the get away. This is definitely a trip we planned with his interests in mind.
Years ago Scott and I drove to Florida and he told me as soon as we left the house that we were driving with a destination in mind and not stopping to lollygag along the way. That lasted all of two hours until we got to Kentucky and he started to see ads for Mammoth Cave. He started to tell me how he'd always wanted to go and his parents would never stop, whine, whine, whine. So we stopped and he was very happy. My revenge came on the way home when I made him take a detour to Plains, Georgia. We liked both side trips enough that we have returned to both of those places and even have a beautiful photo of Jimmy Carter holding a baby Noah.
I don't know what is up with blogger, but I seem to have lost the ability to make paragraphs. Yes, I do know where they are needed, I just cannot seem to make them happen. It's an odd blogging quirk. Sometimes I can make paragraphs, sometimes not.


crazed lunatic said...

I love this card. I didn't see the phrase until i enlarged sure this card is even lovlier in person than it is in pictures! I think that the amount of bling is just right.

can't wait to see more! :) am serious about getting together to craft soon... you might just help me get my crafting mojo back.

Africakid said...

You should post the picture of baby Noah with Jimmy Carter! I'd love to see it.

Have a wunderbar time in Louisville! I've never been there, sounds like an interesting place.

Auntie said...

Are these stamp sets from your trip to Nashville? Want to see MORE AND MORE!

Savor the Journey said...

Not overboard at all, Judy!
You have a pic of President Carter holding Noah?! Wow! We saw Presdent Ford when I was pregnant with our daughter, and I thought we were doing good! haha

Have a fun family trip! You deserve a break ... hope you have much enjoyment!

Anonymous said...

Judy, If you have time on the way back I would recommend stopping at the Joe Huber farm just north of Louisville. They have a nice restaurant and lots of things for the kids. This is a family owned farm (turned commercial). We met you know who there and spent the day. There is info on the internet if you want to check them out.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Nana S.