Busted Again

I do love the Busted set that Hanna is releasing tonight at their release party on SCS. I feel like I could play with these stamps forever. What I have shown you is just the tip of the iceberg. I have yet to get out the handcuffs and the whipping stick and the donuts! I have more to show you from the set, I am just teasing you slowly. (I know that's how you like it.)

Today I used the Sketch Challenge from the Hanna forum and the layering challenge from SCS. At its thickest point, I have 8 layers of paper. I layered on some bling and layered the flower with bling. The paper is from Basic Grey's archaic pack.

We got our guinea pigs from Alaina, who loved them dearly and gets visitation rights. Above is Emerald, renamed Emily. She is the baby piggie. Seth put her with his favorite stuffed animal, Mumbles for this photo.

And this is the mommy piggie. Seth put his glasses on her and took this picture. I don't know if they like playing dress up and running over stuffed animals, but they do get a good dose of loving every day at my house. The neighbor girls who have guinea pigs put them in baby strollers and take them to the neighborhood playground in warm weather. Our little ones have not been taken on a tour of the neighborhood yet, but I am sure once it warms up they will get a ride in the umbrella stroller.


Anonymous said...

I love the card!!! It is a good thing (I guess!) that you didn't have a little girl after you had the boys or she would be the one they play "dress-up" with. Auntie and I would do this with Maggie when we would baby sit for her.
Nana S.

Sandra MacLean said...

OMG!! How the heck to you get a guinea pig to sit still WITH glasses on and take a picture of it!?! THAT is a triumph in itself!!
Love the card Judy, but the bespeckled guinea pig stole the show! LOL

Summerthyme Studio said...

What a sweet sweet card!!! Love the Colours and the DP.......that GP must be the most docile!!!!!


Kristi said...

OMG I laughed so hard when i saw him in glasses...OMG that's too cute!