Metal Challenge

I am again trying to do two challenges at once. The SCS Challenge was to use green and minimal layers, the Hanna Stamps Challenge is to add metal to your card. So, I have a metal brad and a beaver charm on my card. We have a friend who goes to Canada for two weeks a year and fishes, and the beaver gives this a Canadian charm (pun intended.) Hanna Stamps has tons of stuff at 25% off right now, so this is a great time to go help the economy.
I wish I had a photo of my oldest son to upload today. I took him to my friend Steph's house to get his hair buzzed. She put on a longish buzzer clip and half way through his haircut it broke. Rather than leave him shaggy she had to trim him up a bit. He loves it, but it is pretty short. He recently started Tae Kwon Do and he said his hair makes him hot and he needed it cut off. His hair grows like a weed and I am tired of paying Great Clips every month. My husband has clippers, he just needs to learn to use them, it could save us tons of money in the long run.
Todays plan includes laundry and a trip to Target for a wedding shower present for a niece. The invitation for the shower just came and the shower is next week. I have plans and can't go, but need to get a present in the mail so I don't look like a deadbeat aunt.
I need to come up with a topic to teach in Sunday School, too. I am the teacher of record for this week in our adult class, and I planned to talk about the group Answers in Genesis. This is the group that founded the Creation Museum in Kentucky. They state the earth is only 6,000 years old and that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. I tried to get info off of their web site and couldn't find anything I could download. I sent a very polite e mail requesting info but did not hear from them. Maybe they sense I think they are odd as scientific evidence refutes a lot of their claims. I was surprised no one in class had heard of this group which appears to be taking over fundamental Christianity very quickly. Our class is a group of well educated individuals and I was hoping we'd have a great discussion, but it looks like I may need to come up with another plan. I am open to suggestions.

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Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, he is SO cute. I just love the fisherman Riley and your charm is adorable!!!!!