No Such Thing as a Lazy Saturday

I am battling a little bit of a cold my husband brought home and I was hoping to get some sleep today, but Noah decided 7:30 was a great time to come wake me up and ask if he could take a shower. He is one of those kids who has to be kept track of or he will stay for hours in the shower. Good thing I got up though, it gave me time to finish my card for the day.
I used a new image from Sophie Moose (the one on the right) and used Hanna's reverse image block to add her friend. I love the way it looks like they went to have pedicures together. The sentiment stamp is from SU's Riveting set and I used black brads, ribbon, Bazzill paper scraps and colored with copics.
Noah had decided he would like to lean how to spin yarn and a first step to that is to learn how to use a drop spindle. So, weeks ago we went out and bought a cheap spindle and some colored wool and today he finally had his class. he is very proud of himself. I just hope he keeps working on it. I can easily see this being something that now that money has been spent on the items and the class he will never do it again. But he had literally been talking to me about how much he wanted to do this for months. So, now he has done it and we'll see if any good comes from it.
I came home after class and picked up Seth for lunch and Scott ran off to clothing shop while the sale was still on. The boys wanted to go to the grocery (for ice cream and potato chips) and Seth has to go to a birthday party this afternoon. I have a friend having a trunk show of her sewed items and I am really hoping to find time to squeeze in a visit with her. Whew...All I really want is some sleep. And to win the lottery. And have a nanny. And a driver. Maybe a lock on my bedroom door to keep the kids out.


Tracey said...

Love this card Judy! The reverse image is fabulous!

Katie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! Hope you are able to get some rest on Sunday. :)

crazed lunatic said...

Reverse image block??