Does a Bear.....Oh Never Mind

I made this with Stampin Ups Happy Camper set. I really think it is an adorably cute set, but I am dying to have some very witty sayings to go with it. The only ones I can think of are not exactly Rated G for my blog, if you know what I mean. The layout is from the Sketch Challenge over at SCS.

I used Hanna Stamps' new Bowling set for this card. I love the layout and the Spring colors. Did I happen to mention that Hanna is moving to a new release date? The releases for new sets will now be on a Monday, First Monday of the month, which happens to be Monday March 2nd. I will start showing the new sets on my blog on Friday and plan to post over the weekend, which is a radical departure for me. So check back often and see what is new. In addition, Hanna has two Guest Designers for the month of March, Jennifer Buck and the Silkie. That means two more fresh looks on our soon to be released sets.
On a personal note, I am still stinging from a neighbors' meanness yesterday. Most of you know I have a child on the Autism spectrum. We also have neighbors with kids who have special needs and their child was calling my child names and the neighbor man came to my house. I really feel like kids need to learn to work out their own issues out without adults trying to save them all the time. I also feel that people who have nothing kind to say, or who are so angry they cannot hold it in, should stay home and get themselves together before making a public appearance. It is safe to say that in many cases, the adults involved are part of the problem and not the solution. Some days I simply feel heartbroken by the unkindness of others.


Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, both cards are adorable!!! Your posts crack me up!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Very nice cards. You are so talented. How true about adults letting kids work out (most) of the problems. The kids seem to forget about it sooner but then the adults still hold onto it. Remind me to tell you about a couple of incidents in my kids past.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

um, just in case you can't have things solved in a nice manner, i may or may not know someone who will kung fu the tushies of those who are mean.... just sayin'. ;-)

Katie said...

((hugs)) Kids can be mean but adults are usually way worse!

Jacqui said...

the bear...yeah they do....ask Diana...I think she has pictures....still steamin'!

Africakid said...

I hope this next week has some nicer neighbors in it! You're right about adults needing to hold it together when they're angry. Guess that guy just never grew up.