Liar, Liar

I told my friend Steph once that I DO NOT sit around and craft all day, no matter what it looks like. At that time it was the truth, I worked in advance, getting lots of samples made for the Hanna Stamps release each month. But then I discovered a little secret, if you participate in the challenges at Splitcoast more people view the challenges and more people comment on the challenge items made.

So now I wake up and get the kids off to school and head straight for the computer to see what the challenge will be and whether I want to participate. Mostly, I do chose to participate. So, I look like a liar to Steph, since I craft ,most mornings. But really, I just had a change in strategy.

The card above was for yesterday's Sketch Challenge and the card below is for todays' Use Stripes Challenge. I used the Sweet Celebrations Hanna and Riley Moose with his horseshoe. I love that he looks like a Colts fan in his horseshoe. Go Colts!

For about the last week everytime I eat, my stomach hurts. Anyone got any ideas? It doesn't matter what I eat, my stomach is a churning and complaining battlefield. It is annoying and I'd love to have all of your armchair diagnosis and remedies.

And doesn't the shape of the top card make you think of breasts? You don't know how hard it was yesteday when I posted it on SCS not to make some kind of a joke about it. If you didn't notice it yourself, I take full responsibility for my dirty mind.


Katie said...

My first thought was a pretty lace edged bra.

Love Riley Moose, go Colts!

crazed lunatic said...

hehe... it's ok that you craft every day. it keeps you sane. and i'll be darned if your stuff doesn't keep getting better and better. :-)

and the top card does make you think of boobies... ;-)

crazed lunatic said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the boobs until you mentioned it. Maybe you should try some anti-acid pills to see if it helps. I have a daily dose of Prilosec, especially troublesome is fried foods. Get over the stomach problems because I plan to bring you a surprise when I see you.
Nana S.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible you got some type of food poisoning? Maybe salmonella? Although I'm hoping it's just a little bit of flu, that would be simpler.

Here's a link if you want to see the symptoms:

Can you tell I love to diagnose??


Anonymous said...

I love the color combo in the top card. and yes I totally thought of breasts before I even read your comment. I just didn't know if I should say it! Maybe it's because it's an image of a woman below it? Stephenie