Busy, Busy

I don't know how well you can see the picture above, I took the glass off the frame for the photo, but I still don't think it photographed well. Seth has a student teacher right now and I thought I would make her a little something as a going away present when she is finished with her assignment. Teachers usually don't like stuff with apples, but Papertrey had a cute Teacher's Apple set that I just had to have. Now I am not quite sure how to best use it. But maybe Seth's teacher will see it and love it and be sad it is not for her? So, dear reader, please tell me what you think and whether I should make one for each of them. The apple in the middle is popped up on a pop dot so the whole thing looks lovely and lively in person.

I have been busy, busy. For Valentine's Day I make cookies for my husband's co workers and their familes. They get 1-2 dozen each depending on family size. While I was at it, I made cookies for teachers for both the kids, too. I made chocolate chip and snickerdoodles, which tend to be universal favorites. I started yesterday and finished today and am making about 30 dozen cookies. Most people will only get a dozen cookies, but I have a lot of people to spread love to. last night Seth asked me if I felt okay. When I asked him why he said "Usually you put away your baking and make us dinner, but tonight you didn't make us dinner and you keep feeding us cookies." I was hoping they would be so full of cookies that they would not want dinner, but my secret plan did not work, and they still wanted something that resembled a meal. Drat!
I hope to get this baking desire out of my system and return to papercrafting soon.


Anonymous said...

Very cute card and yummmmmy looking cookies. Any other kid would have loved to have cookies for dinner (I know my son would have!)
Nana S.

Katie said...

I'm probably saying what you are already thinking but I'd make two, one for the student and regular teachers.

LOL about the cookies. I'm pretty sure my kids would be happy with cookies for dinner.

P.S. Did you get the Noro Scarf figured out?

crazed lunatic said...

i love the frame... the other teacher will probably want one, too... cos it's so dang cute. :-)

and my kids would have loved cookies for dinner..

Africakid said...

Those cookies made me salivate! You pegged it right, chocolate chip and snickerdoodle are two of our family favorites.

Hope you had a great vacation this weekend.