Snow Filled Tuesday

This new Riley Moose is a tribute card for a friend whose husband is in the National Guard in Iraq. I incorporated the colors from todays color challenege, Tempting Turqouise and Gable Green. I couldn't find a way to squeeze in the third color, which was a version of pink. Seriously, making a soldier card with pastel colors was challenge enough without adding pink to the mix today.
And the snow? It never stops. We are finally digging out and got another 3-4 inches today. Thankfully the kids got off to school on time with no delays this morning. We never look in Noah's folder on Friday as he does not generally have homework over the weekend. Scott cleaned out the folder this morning to discover Noah has two projects due tomorrow. I guess his teacher thought a three day weekeend would give him plenty of time to work on them. Sheesh. He needs to make a 3 D planet and an illustration of a planet. The planets he has to choose from must come from Section 2 of his Science book, which did not come home with him over the weekend anyway. Tonight I'll be taking him to the teacher's supply store so we (I) can make a planet and an illustration.
As for Seth we overheard him saying " Noah, just so you know, you can't milk a guinea pig." The guinea pigs were got are mom and daughter so the mom has some nipples. I don't want to know why he would try to milk the poor piggie. He did baptize them this weekend. He made a little paper church for them to go to, and he did the traditional Methodist pat on the head with water baptism. We couldn't decide if it was adorably cute, or absolute sacrilege.
We are obviously a bit cabin fever crazy here.


Summerthyme Studio said...

This is adorable! He will love it!


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

I love this stamp!!!

Katie said...

Cabin Fever is hitting here too. The Wii isn't enough to conteract it anymore. Maybe I should tell my kids to baptize the cats.

Cute card!