Good Grief

We booked a quick trip to Williamsburg and after driving for two full days to get here we got the news that night that Scott's grandmother had passed away. We are going to stay here a few days regardless before driving back and heading north for the funeral, which is 10 AM Friday morning.

I brought all my Hanna cards to unveil this week as it is a sneak peek week, with the release of the new set on Friday. Well, we don't have the cord we need to upload photos from the camera to the computer. Pooey!

And I have spotty e mail access, too. The e mail news from a friend in Kenya, where I was in April is that riots have broken out over election results and there is probably some votes being destroyed and/or not counted. 200 were attacked in church and burnt/beaten/hacked to death near where I was. Americans at the compound where I was, mostly doctors and students were evacuated out of the area, but my friend remains behind with her husband to care for those at the hospital. The compound also has taken in native Kenyans, in hopes of keeping them safe. My friend reports a full gas tank in their cars, but no fresh food available. Markets are not open, everyone is hiding. I hope this passes soon. It sounds dreadfully like a scene in Hotel Rwanda.

We had a good new years. Scott and Noah went to see fireworks and Seth and I stayed at the condo in front of the TV and in bed. I will post again, hopefully Friday night with Hanna cards and items. It is frustrating to be ready to post and unable to do so.

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Auntie said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of Scott's grandmother and other tales as indicated. Sure am missing you so I hope you get home soon and safe! BTW, it is so cold here and wondering if it is a blistery day where you are....See you soon.