It's Friday, Baby!

Yes, and even though my kids were home from school today, it was still a nice day. Today would have been a day built into the calendar as a snow make up day, but we didn't have enough snow this year to cancel school, so there was no need for the make up day. I slept in, did laundry, crafted and ignored the kids the best I could. Thankfully a neighbor's grandchild was here most of the day playing with my boys so I didn't have to.

The card of the day is for Hanna Stamps' Friday challenge. The challenge was to use a brayer. I gave my brayer away to a friend who desperately wanted it for Christmas. I also gave her samples of cards and a lesson on how to use it as she liked the look so much. I figured, "Who cares. I never brayer anything." Oooops! I ran to Archivers with a coupon to get one for this challenge. I played around a bit, so you'll see more brayered backgrounds coming out of me soon.

I used the Moose from the Riley Moose collection and cut them out and put them on this card with a pop dot. (The female moose are named Sophie G.) I colored the sun from the SPF 50 set and added it with a pop dot, too. In real life the card is very cute. I added some bling in the lower right hand corner. I think I may add another layer of ribbon on top of the red ribbon and tie a knot or bow to jazz it up a bit more.

We are off to the Relay for Life event tonight at school. Seth's teacher had cancer this year and missed the first part of the year getting treatment and recovering. She is doing fine now and Seth wants to go walk with her. Someone from each team has to be on the track and walking for the full 24 hours of the event so we are going to keep her team company and provide support.


Shelly said...

So cute Judy, I love the colors of the K pad, they are perfect for your Hawaiian couple!

Auntie said...

"and ignored the kids the best I could." LOL! You are to funny!

a very tired mommy said...

you should have asked me for my brayer.... i would so have let you borrow it again. :)