Wednesdays with Hanna

I made this for the Hanna Stamps Flag Challenge. The challenge was to use the Patriotic Hanna set and to celebrate a country you love. The set comes with empty flags so you can design your flag, or make your country's flag. Pure genius! But I am a predictable American and used the American flag that came with the set. I am not eligible to win since I am on the Design Team, but I am a good sport anyway. The paper is from a Daisy D's paper pack.

Not much going on today. My painting classes have ended as we take the summer off and my teacher, Maria will be going back to work in the fall. She is a dentist and will be working at out local dental school. She is beautiful, too, so she would be easy to hate if I didn't love her so much. She is gorgeous, smart, talented, and has four great kids. (And a handsome husband, too. )

Today we are meeting anyway and are making mosaics from glass and tile. I have been slowly accumulating supplies this week and am set to make a garden stone or something simple. We'll have to see what my friend Odette is making, I am not sure. I am hoping this will be a new craft to master and then I will have the kids make them for Grandparents as gifts. I'll be sure to post a photo.


Shelly said...

Very cute Judy, I love you paper choices!

a very tired mommy said...

cutie card. sorry to hear that painting is coming to an end... will she still have classes at all once she goes back to work?

Cindy Haffner said...

Judy love your Hanna flag card. thanks for stopping my my blog, isn't blogging fun!