They have photos of me naked!

Before I get to the juicy bits, let me tell ya about my card.....Made with the new Hanna Stamps Garden set, I piled up the vegetables in the wheelbarrow and I am done with my shopping at the farmer's market. I don't know who made the paper, possibly Scenic Route. I added Dew Drops, ribbon, and used circle and scallop punches from SU. See the snail at the bottom? Oh so adorable, and part of the garden set.

As for naked photos of me, they don't exist. I am so tired of getting SPAM e mails I could strangle spammers with my own bare hands. I never open it, of course, but I get many many daily e mails offering to enlarge and enliven body parts I don't even have. I get SPAM written in Chinese characters, I get SPAM that looks like I used my own address to send it to myself. And now I get daily SPAMs saying "We have naked photos of you, Judy." I know it is not true as the only ones of their kind were taken as a baby, if they exist at all. One peek at a naked photo of me and you'd be tempted to pke your own eyes out, ot burn your computer screen with acid. Get a SPAM filter, you say? I have one, as I am married to a computer genius, but I have to clean out the spam folder and make sure I haven't overlooked something. Every once in a while I lose something decent into the spam folder. I get about 150 mails a day, people!

Today is election Primary Day in Indiana. If I were elected to office, I would make SPAM an act of treason as it wastes too many resources, or at least electricity and the time of productive citizens like myself. If a politician ran on the platform of punishing spammers, they would have my vote. I used to be on the Board of Directors for the League of Women Voters in Indianapolis, so go and vote if you live here!

I have a busy week ahead, an Art Fair tomorrow where I will be selling my beads and jewelry and a Garage Sale this weekend to prepare for. I will be around but may not blog much. I have jewelry to make now, and treasures to find and clean, and organize and price to sell...


Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, you crack me up woman and your card is absolutely stunning!! Nice work!!!


a very tired mommy said...

too funny about the naked pics...i hate spam!

i don't have a contract with the twins...I'M on contract at the moment, but I'm the only one. lol

Kristi said...

Good luck with your art fair, I know you'll do great...I love this card. They look like real little bitty real veggies....great job.

Auntie said...

Did you hear the explosion of my head??? It is because I did not get my stuff to you in time for the yard sale. Stupid stupid stupid!!! I went to the library and saw a bunch of signs and it reminded me of the sale!!!!!!!!!! KA-BOOM went my head in the wake of realizing I missed the f n boat.