Tuesdsay Tutorial

I saw this idea on Spitcoast Stampers and thought "I can make that myself!" What I should have done was to find the tutorial that had already been done and just posted a link to it. I have been asked to make tutorials before, but since I rarely have an original idea in my head, I have resisted the urge. I don't know why I was over taken to try it this time. Here ya go:

1) Go to Michaels (or somewhere else) and buy some chain. Above is a photo of what I bought.

2) I cut the chain with my wire cutters for jewelry into a 7 inch length.

3) Use store bought brads that are pretty or use the Build A Brad set from Stamin Up. I made my brads with this set. I used paper from Chatterbox called "Folksy Small". The paper has a brown background with ink and blue flowers on it. You use your 1/2 inch circle punch to punch out flowers of your choice and attach them to the brad. I would have shown you my completed brads or the Build A Brad set, but Blogger appears to only let me upload five photos at a time.

Put your brads though the chain and fold back the sides of the brad. With a pair of needle nose pliers you then fold the brad spikes under. It is so much easier than it sounds! I needed another hand in order to hold the pliers and take aphoto of what I was doing. (Sorry!)
4) This is a photo of the completed bracelet after the brads are attched. I already attached the jewelry clasp on the ends. I am sorry that my photos look dark, but I am obviously still a person in need of tutorial improvement.

Not being content to end on that note, I used my jewelry making expertise and attached 4mm and 6mm Swarovski crystals to dangle from the empty loops. This bracelet is much lighter than the bracelets I usually make, as this one lacks real sterling silver and glass. It is still very pretty however, and I plan to have it on all day today so I can report later on how it really wears.

When I find the link to the genius who thought up this idea, I'll post it.


Kristi said...

WOW, ok your talent is sooo big!!!!

Tex said...

I MUST figure this out!
You just ROCK! You ROCK, Judy!