The kids are scoundrels and I am not sure who I can blame. Behind our housing addition and down the street is a drug store. Kids can get to it just by crossing through some unused fields. Other neighborhood kids walk there, my kids are not allowed. Why? Mainly because the kids always want to go with friends who are not trustworthy.

Today I heard talking in my house, between some neighbor kids and mine, mainly about money. I was upstairs doing my hair and trying not to worry about why the neighbor kids were asking my kids about their money. My kids, you see, leave whatever money they earn laying around the house. I'll scoop it up and put it in a ziploc baggie with their name on it, but it ends up downstairs again, laying around somewhere.
The kids decided to take a walk to the drug store and buy candy, with my oldest child's money, and his permission. The four kids were gone and back before I ever knew what they had done, and I came downstairs to see them eating candy at the table. They each bought 2 candy bars with my son's money. Noah said he was fine and happy and they were all sharing their candy with each other.

I am miffed that they both did something they knew they were not supposed to do. I am thinking about punishment but beleive the greatest punishment of all will come when Noah realizes he has very little money left because of his excursion. Still, I am ticked off with them. If I let them break the rules and they get no punishment, my life will be worse. Anybody got advice?


Lorie said...

I honestly and truly believe that natural consequences are the best way to go. He'll want something and not have the money for it at which time you can gently remind him (I would be tempted to lecture) that he doesn't have the money because he let his friends talk him into spending his money on candy. Good luck on this one!

Theresa said...

I think letting nature take its course may be the best consequence...when he wants something and doesn't have enough money for it, he will realize the error of his way. However, that said, I think I would speed things up a bit....maybe mention something that I think he would want or something that I know he might save up for. It will remind him of what he's done. Hee hee...kinda nasty of me, huh?

a very tired mommy said...

oy! that so stinks!

not sure what kind of advice to give you would be.... except to collect the money back from the kids! LOL but I think he will be very upset when he realizes that he can't buy the next thing on his wish list because he's short of cash.

no doubt you've already told them that they've broken the rules, though, eh?

Auntie said...

Would beating them be an option, which you would be open too? (ha ha!)

Let all of us know what the outcome was!

Africakid said...

My kids had to check with me before they spent their money...but that was on large purchases like a bike or something! Guess I agree with everyone else, your son'll probably learn the hard way by reflecting later on.

These dilemmas are difficult! (So why don't I see more bald moms walking around--having torn out all their hair???)