Teenage Trouble

Okay, pre teen trouble? About a year and a half ago my son went out to play with a friend and soon came in yelling that other kids in the 'hood had taken his friend "hostage" and were shooting them with airsoft guns. (Air soft guns are sort of like bb guns, but milder. They shoot small rubber pellets.) I went to sort it out and took custody of the guns.

I told the kids they could get them back after their dad came over and had a talk with me. I had been to their house before and talked to their dad about behavior issues, but nothing had ever seemed to happen. Predictably, their dad never came over. The kids came over, telling lies and wanting the guns back, but I never gave them back. Today they came back asking about the guns. They were bothered that I said I had thrown them away and wouldn't continue the discussion with them and I shut the door while they were attempting to goad me into an argument. Sheesh. Give it up already. Their parents may not have backbone, but I do. I am now thinking they'll egg my house or something. they have already been scolded by another neighbor for climbing the fence to the neighborhood swimming pool and skateboarding in it.

Todays card is another one for the "Use your brayer challenge." It is Hanna Stamps Challnge #17 I think. HSC17 would be the search word on Splitcoast. I used Riley Moose in his tube floaty and brayered the background before paper piecing him and adding him to the background. The paper is a Basic Grey card pack, if I remember right. I added ribbon, dew drops, colored with copics and SU oval punches.

Outside it is cold and rainy tonight. I hope it is better tomorrow, I'd like to see some pretty spring days ahead.


Shelly said...

I love your story and am grinning over it Judy. My boys (ages 11 & 12 would be horrified if you confiscated their air soft guns) On the other hand, they do use them with respect. Love your Riley card, I used the same image for the challenge!

Auntie said...

That is a super cute card! What day can you and fraubyers go to lunch? I can meet you as I have overtime this week.