Flurry of Activity

This is the start of anew Release Week over at Hanna Stamps, so you should see a lot of new posts and cards from me this week. I am starting with Get Well Hanna. I love the little accessory stamps so I had to incorporate them as well. This will be one of those great sets that I will love having on hand. I am deficient in Get Well stamps so this will see a lot of use. I colored it with copics and used a sheer ribbon, so as not to cover up too much of the design.

Seth was Elphaba from Wicked for Halloween. You may know her by her other name, the Wicked Witch of the West. His nails are still green and he is quite happy about that. He got quite a lot of candy even though he was out with Scott who did not feel well all weekend. He arose from the half dead and was able to make it to work today.

Noah was Obi Wan Kenobi. I think I counted seven Star Wars lasers in my house, so I know I am safe from an enemy invasion. Look out Storm troopers! Noah hit every house in the neighborhood, despite the fact he felt two hours was not long enough for Treak or Treating. He even had time to stop and make S'mores at a neighbors home, they had their fire pit out and were cooking up a storm for the kids.
I am babysitting my friend Steph's kids today and as an added bonus, made a batch of Turkey Tetrazini, half of which will go to her house for dinner. I even baked a cake so I can get the kids high on sugar before sending them home. Don't worry though, it is only a cake from a box but it does have some kickin' sprinkles all over it!


Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, this is gorgeous! Nice work


Sandra MacLean said...

Great card Judy!! And love the halloween costumes! :D

Auntie said...

Cute card! Looking at it made me want to get into bed!

mustangsarah said...

Beautiful card!

Gina said...

Such a cute card. I love the ribbon.