Free Wheelin' Friday

I went to someone's house this week to learn how to make tote bags. She's the friend of a friend and she has a very fun and funky style. When I met her she had the coolest bag with her and I loved it. She said "come on over, I'll teach you." So we went over this week. Turns out she doesn't use measurements, she just eyeballs and cuts. She has a neighbor who sells furniture and he gives her all his old sample fabric pieces, so she had tons of odd ball sofa fabric for us to use up.

I chose a fabric with a floral theme and I liked the bird on it, too. I chose a complimentary inner fabric and went to work. One problem with not measuting or having a pattern is that I placed my inner pockets too high and sewed them shut when I did the trim and bead parts. Oh well, no one gets anything perfect the first time, right? Pockets are over rated anyway. The bag is also bigger than I really wanted, but I learned a new skill and now know how to recycle old fabrics. I had great fun doing it, too!

I made this card for a sketch challenge this week on SplitCoast. I took it out to the yard to photograph as we finally had some sun I could use for natural lghting. I think the card is lovely. The card was supposed to have three squares on it, but I changed it up a bit, while still keeping things in their correct places. The girl is a Ketto image from Stamping Bella and the saying is from Amuse. I made some paper flowers and used some felt flowers from Stampin' Up. The only problem? I like it too much to give it away.


Lynn said...

Wow! will your talent every cease to amazing me? Can I put in an order for a tote bag? I will pay you handsomely or I will try to look handsome when I pay you =)
Cute card! You are unbelievable!!

Auntie said...

Love the bag and the cards! CUTE!!