Indiana Weather

I went out to the back porch today so I could capture a photo in some beautiful but fleeting Indiana sunlight. Pictures always look better in natural light, they say. unfortunately, I seemed to find the only piece of shade available on our porch. I thought of re taking the photo, then decided I didn't really care all that much. Oh, the lazy days of summer!

The challenge of the dayw as to use only the colors of sea or sky, blues, greys, browns and to use three items: paper piercing, brads, and ribbon. Score! I even used two different colors of ribbon. The stamp is from Hanna Stamps' newly released Dinosaur set. It's a must have if you have boys in the house. I am lovin' it for birthday cards.

I tried to get the boys to the pool earlier, but no luck. Now it is a little overcast and they are dying to go. They are wierdos, but they are my wierdos!


Auntie said...

I was having trouble finding your comment button!

Sounds like you are having a pretty good summer even tho you have children who won't leave you be! Try having adults who you work with who will not leave you be! That is frustrating!

Let's watch a movie soon!

Lynn said...

ahhh, I love summer!

crazed lunatic said...

love the card! sorry about the goofy-ass weather that won't give you a moment's peace. ;-)