Monday Crafts

Not much is happening here, but it is enough to keep me from card and scrapbook making. The boys were supposed to go to Karate today but I took them to the library first. Once they had books to read, they wanted to just stay home so we missed karate in favor of quiet time. We had grilled cheese and I spent some time putting together crafts for vacation bible school tonight at church.

At first I said I didn't need any helpers for craft time and now I am thinking I should not have tried to be a matyr. I need help! I will have to pick someone up at dinner time to give me a few minutes of service. Our church does an evening VBS starting at 6 PM with dinner and breaking for classes from 6:30 till 8PM. I am providing crafts for the different levels of kids from pre school through high school. The theme of the week is related to safari in some way so I am leading African crafts.

Tonight we are starting on batik projects and then we will move on to making beads from leftover magazine pages and scrapbook paper. The hardest job is just getting all the supplies ready and divided up into the different age groups.

I got a book on canning at the library today. Anybody can anymore? I never have done it, but know people complain about what a hot job it is. I'll have to see if it is something I want to tackle or not. I have dreams of giving away home canned foods at the holidays.


Gina said...

Cute, i really like that layout!

I still can on occasion, especially tomatoes. If I find extra fruits and stuff at a good price, I will make jelly and/or preserves. I like to make salsa and give as gifts. Good luck! It's a lot of work and more fun is you have a friend that will do it with you.

Auntie said...

My mom still cans green beans and sometimes she cans veggy soup. She always complains at how hard it is. Call her if you want tips and suggestions.

Good luck with VBS!

Going anywhere during the 4th?

Lynn said...

I want to can but don't. I would be willing to eat what you can =) good luck

crazed lunatic said...

cute card... I so want to learn to color with Copics! :-)

Katie said...

I can jam sometimes, it's really not that tough. But jam doesn't require pressure cooking like tomatoes and other stuff.