I woke up with a pounding headache today and am waiting for the Excedrin to kick in before I decide if I have enough energy left to create a card this morning. Some people are blessed with kids who entertain themselves, but I was not one of those people. Despite the fact that Noah had a friend spend the night I woke up with Noah in Seth's room, in his bed, bothering Seth who was screaming for his brother to get out. So, I decided to entertain you with photos of the boys when they promoted to gold belt in Karate a while ago.

Yahoo has a news article today about 8 ways that money can buy happiness. I can think of afew ways right now. A soundproof bedroom for me. A supernanny who comes to claim and entertain the kids in the morning while I get ready. A maid who comes daily. Yahoo was trying to make the point that if you spend money on material items you soon take them for granted. I don't know. I have friends with a home theater and I never take that for granted. It's the place of my dreams.
Yesterday was busy for us. I took a few meals to a friend who is recovering from surgery and then I took her three kids with us for the day. I had Steph's son with us already, so that gave me a total of 6 kids. We played at the park, hiked in the woods, and went to eat. I tried to stretch out the time by even taking them to the grocery so their mom would get in a few more minutes of peace and quiet. Today should be quieter: karate, lunch, the pool and general hanging out.


Lynn said...

Hope your headache is long gone. I have an idea to help with the sound proof room. However, it may bring the headache back.
taquilla? lol

crazed lunatic said...

thanks so much for everything over the past few days... you're as sweet as you can be!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mom/friend to all. Hope your headache goes away soon.
Nana S.