I Need Stronger Drugs

This little guy from Doodle Factory has a cute coffee saying that goes with him, but I need something stronger than coffee to get through this week. I have company coming from South Africa next week, and we had planned a vacation already, so my friend will be vacationing to Virginia with us. I hope she likes 10 hours in the car with badly behaving children.

The morning routine is the same here, I need a quick shower, a Diet Rite and a protein bar while I make my card for the day. After that, I am theirs for whatever amusement they can suck from my old bones. They follow me around and tell me what they plan for the day or how I can spend more money on them, they turn on TV's and leave the room and come back to ask me to play with them. You'd think at 12 and 9 they could find amusement on their own, but no such luck. I know, people say I should feel blessed that they still like to spend time with me. I am okay with that. But every waking moment? Not so much.

We had an enjoyable time at Holiday World over the weekend even if the heat index was 101 degrees yesterday. And now I am back to the reality of having a husband who is trying to get to the bottom of his medical problems. He has been ill for about 2 months with a constant cough, then he also got swelling in his extremities and a rash. His doctor lost him in the shuffle and finally he got a CT scan and X rays last week. Next up? A PeT scan and a lung biopsy. Seriously.

My card was made for the challenge of making a background that looks like denim. I used Brocade Blue card stock, smeared it with Brocade Blue ink, Ballet Blue ink and then a layer of Whisper White ink. You smudge it on horizontally and then do it again vertically. Whew. Thankfully I used a whole sheet of card stock so I have plenty left over to use again. I love how it turned out, and I guess I need to learn more cool tricks like this since I have no local scrapbook or stamping stores.

Last week at Vacation Bible School Noah's class had to offer up their talents. You know, God gives us all different talents. Noah said his talents were making rubber band music and hand farts. Thank God he has something going for him. I am sure when he gets older the other prisoners on his cell block will be very amused.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Hand farts like under the armpits? Tell me he didn't say this. Very cute card, this is how I feel first thing in the morning when yappy gets up just after I do.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

I didn't realize that Scott was feeling ill... hopefully you guys can get to the bottom of it!

And you're one funny girl... hopefully the kids gave you a break for at least five minutes today! love ya, babe!

Lynn said...

Cute card! I really like the little doodle monster. You always make me laugh =) We went to Holiday World too. We were there Sunday and Monday, stayed at Santa's Lodge. I'm so tired of sweating!
We'll keep Scott in our prayers as we have no awesome talent like Noah.

Gina said...

Love that sentiment, that reminds me of me in the mornings. Hope your husband is feeling better by now. Love your son's talents, that's sooo funny!!

We went to Santa Claus a couple of years ago. In February. We didn't realize that the only real things to do there was Holiday World. We were about the only people at Santa's Lodge!