Workin' Hard

Today's card is a wee bit dark thanks in part to my shade covered screened in porch. I keep thinking outside photos are so pretty and forget that in the morning my back porch does not have natural light as it faces west and the sun is still in the east. Note to self: Find a place in the front of my house that is suitable for photography.

The kids are up and ready early and I forget what I was hoping to do to entertain them today. Karate is not until noon. Darn the luck.

I have been crafting with kids at Vacation Bible School this week. Sometimes I can say no to volunteer opportunities (don't laugh, it happens once in a while). But this week I am the craft boss and it was my crazy idea to use Procion tie dye dyes to make batik fabric using a flour and water method I found on the internet. The MS and HS kids are great but the younger kids are wild. Their art will end up looking fine, but it is hard to keep them working amid all the ADHD and sugar energy in the room. I will show you a finished project once I get their fabrics through the wash. Tonight's craft is rolled up beads from left over magazine and scrapbook paper.

My card today is made with a pack of Stampin' Up paper and a stamp from Penny Black. I had loved this tamp when I saw it posted on line but couldn't find t as it was retired. I found it in a little stamp store last month and snatched it up. It is called "Spinning a Yarn" and the knitterly side of me is in love.


Lynn said...

You are always so creative! I love the card and wish I could join your VBS to do your crafts. I promise to not eat sugar and sit (maybe not quietly, but I'll sit)
beautiful job as usual. can you post pictures from VBS?

crazed lunatic said...

I love love love this card.... i totally need to get together with you again for some inspiration... mine is nowhere to be found. :-)

chelemom said...

What an adorable card!!

Savor the Journey said...

A shady screened-in porch would be perfection here!! It's completely HOT & sultry ... more like Louisiana than Texas cares to admit! ;)
Love your knittin' chickies!!


Auntie said...

That is a very cute card! Hope to see you soon.