Yes, my dears, we had an earthquake right here in indiana. It registered a 5.4 on the Richter Scale. It came just about 5:30 in the morning and both Scott and I both sat up straight in bed. The stuff on our dressers shook and when it stopped we laid down and went back to sleep. It was all the news this morning for hours and hours. Seriously, people, how long does it take to say "We had an earthquake, there were no injuries and no damges." I thought I might never get my morning dose of Matt and Meredith, Al and Ann. I can't live without strating my day with them.
Scott said this morning that he thought I was doing something to shake the bed. Now, we all like to think we have some fabulous bedroom powers, but come on! Anyhow he has been sick all week and I am not cruel enough to bother his precious sleep especially when he is so tired and is a light sleeper. I diagnosed him with a sinus infection yesterday and sent him to the doc for meds today. His teeth hurt, and that is a sure sign of a sinus infection if ever there was one.
I made this card for the Hanna Stamps' Friday challenge, HSC 13. The challenge was to use polka dots, which I technically failed to do. Using pink and flowers was an added bonus according to this week's challenge. I used Riley the Moose who needs a co ordinating stamp that says "With enough caffeine I could rule the world." I saw one in a store recently but it wasn't cute enough for my needs.
The kids have a half day of school today and are home begging for food, so I'd better go feed the mongrels. I made a huge batch of Snickerdoodles yesterday, so they will be very happy today.


Auntie said...

I was on the toliet when the earthquake happened. That was a shitting thing for the earth to do to me!

a very tired mommy said...

i love your new cards!

someone said that we had more quakes this morning.... are we waiting for the apocolypse?