Happy Belated Earth Day!

And welcome to Office professionals Day, or something like that. I swear, I need someone to keep a calendar for me. All these holidays, all the cards I make, and I never have the correct card on the correct day. Dagnabit. Of course, if I had an assisstant or a clone, I would have her drive the carpool for me. That is the worst task of all.

Yesterday in carpool the neighbor girl (age 14) and her 12 year old brother were arguing about black holes. You cannot interupt and give the correct information as the neighbor girl will not believe you, and it will only serve to prolong the argument. The girl was saying that spaceships have been sucked into Black Holes and not returned. But, if you happen to come out on the other side of a black hole, you will enter a new dimension. You do not know how painful it was for my husband, the physics major not to let lose with a string of smart information.

After carpool we have to pull Noah aside and let him know that his friends are not correct and blah blah blah is the correct information on whatever the subject was. We are surrounded by idiots and the first rule is that you cannot argue with stupid people. Well, you can argue, but they will continue to argue and you will be there forever. It reminds me of the time a woman in Atlanta told me Wooly Mammoths were extinct and you could only see them in zoos now. I tried to explain the difference between extinct and endangered, but she clearly did not believe me. My lesson is now learned and I do not waste my breath on some people.

The card above is me today. "Did I forget anything?" I am trying to pack for a trip as I leave tomorrow morning and don't know which of my crafting items comes with me, and which stay home. I will post Monday when I return.

The card was made with a variety of my beloved Hanna Stamps. I used so many sets I am not sure I can name them all, Big Dogs, Spring Time, Rainy days. The background is from SU!, Lovely as a Tree. The bunny is hopping away as he does not want to make it into the dog's basket.

We are having lovely weather here and I fear I'll have to pack long pants and socks for Toronto. I hope it is still nice when I return.


Kristi said...

ohhhh he lost a shoe....OMG how stinkin cute is this...Haaahaaa

Auntie said...

Hope you enjoyed the mini vacation! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, that is the cutest. I am so glad to have spent time with you this weekend. You are so creative and talented. Thanks so much for joining us!


Africakid said...

Ha ha, we had kids like that in carpool with us, once upon a time. The little girl knew it all. And her brother knew even more, he thought. End of argument--except in my head!