Whirlwind Day

Today is another marathon day. Noah has pink eye so all the laundry in the house has to be done, per my instructions. This means all towels and bed linens, too. I don't want it to spread and take hold of us as we ready for vacation. I am putting in load after load of laundry and even sent some to a neighbor who has a beautiful front load machine. That means she can easily wash humongous comforters that don't fit in my top load machine because of the spinner thing in the niddle.

I made cake for Seth's birthday but he would not leave it alone yesterday so we ended up cutting in to it last night. I was afraid the whole thing would fall apart if we did not cut off the side of it that was sliding. Noah somehow got some plastic carrot toys. Seth took them and "planted" them in his chocolate cake. This made Noah angry as his toys had been taken away from him and were now dirty. the carrots were plucked for harvest, but had disturbed the cake and left holes and rifts in it. The carrots must have been left over from someones Easter as they had that sugar candy stuff inside them and Noah wanted to eat it.

Here is the Birthday Boy with his Dairy Queen cake that we had at his party Saturday. My kids don't know how good they have it. I never once had a party as a kid. Ask my mom, she confirms it. She says she just didn't do it. End of story. Even as an adult she will not come to kids' parties. Not even for her grandkids. She says there are too many kids at a party. It's true. My brother had one party in the backyard, once. Me? never. So my kids get a party with friends and a special meal on their birthdays at home, and cake and ice cream and presents. My parents also take the kids around the time of their birthday and do something special with them.
Today's menu is spaghetti and meatballs with breadsticks. Then more chocolate cake and ice cream.
The card on top shows how I fell today. Run Over. The Hanna is from the "Tis the Season" set. The taxi and sunglasses are from the new "Passport" set which comes out Friday. I couldn't resist running Hanna down in the road with the sarcastic sentiment. We all have those days don't we?


Auntie said...


Tell Seth Happy Birthday!

Allison said...

That is hilarious!

Auntie said...

With all the car accidents, which happen when people are drving and talking, maybe you should make another card with a cell phone in her hand! LOL!!!

Kristi said...

OMG that card is great. We both know who that was made for......bwaaaahaaaaa, I want some cake too please.