It's A New Day

Since this is a stamping blog (mainly anyway, sometimes I throw in some knitting or beads or jewelry or painting) I'll start with the stamping news of the day. Hanna Stamps is having a release part on Splitcoast Stampers thursday night and you can play in the chalenges to win new sets that are being released. Four new sets will be released. This is a sneak peek of the set called "Patriotic". I have a friend with a birthday on Flag Day so I made this card for her. The paper is from a card stack by Basic Grey and the little metal corner tag is from Dollarama in Canada.

I could tell you all about my love for Dollarama, but that would take this whole post. I found so many great stamping/scrapbooking supplies that Dollarama is on my to do list for any time I go to Canada.

This card is a case of one that Vicki garrett made. the stamps are hers too,actually. They are from Stampotique and she is also on their Design Tea. The artists are a married couple and they have a whole set of goth looking people. I love the whimsy of them all. Vicki made hers in colors like light blue and yellow. Hers are very fun and full of whimsy where mine look a little dark and less playful. I found the little card baubles at Dollarama, too. The paper is Prism. Their paper is luscious.
Last night Seth and I went to hear the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McPhee at our local Barnes and Noble. We got tickets to be in the first group of people to meet her, but ended up very close to the front of the line. She offers pre boarding, like on a plane. People with special needs get to see her first, the elderly, infirm, or those with children. Seth was there for about 3 hours by the time the whole she bang was over so I went to the front of the line. The good news was that I took his homework packet with us and he did all his homework for the week while we were there. He came home and bathed quick before falling into bed.
The evening was great. The Harlot was as funny as I expected. I met lots of nice people in the seats around us. I felt a bit like a stalker, but after all, she had come to MY 'hood, hadn't she? And I had warned her in the comments section of her blog that I was coming. She had time to make alternate plans or fake illness. But she showed up and I met her, and today I feel full and happy. Seth may even be on her blog, even though he did not take his own knitting to the event. He did hold her sock. I should have had her hold mine, but I didn't want to take up too much time, since we were at the front of a very long line of her adoring fans. I have tried several times to post her photo here but blogger keeps eating my posts, so I give up and settle for cards today.


Auntie said...

Those stamps are wicked cute too! What is a Harlot. Would you post the blog site for us who do not know?

Debby said...

I have several of these stamps. I love them. This is super cool. Where did you get the sentiment?