Boards and Beams

Papertrey Ink has a new set called Boards and Beams and I found it irresistable. It has two different houses in the set and added items like fences, a tree, some quotes...all you need for a sweet card. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone moving. The sayings in the set are geared more for people on the move rather than moving baked goods from my house to a neighbor's house.
The quote I used says " A home is made of boards and beams, a house is made of love and dreams." I didn't get a clear image from the tree stamp and I had nvested too much already to the card to discard it. So, I added the quote to help cover up my mistake.
Noah is spending the night at camp so I arranged for Seth to have a sleepover with a friend. This means Scott and I can have a date night. Too bad there are not any really good "must see" movies out right now. At least not in my opinion. I hope we go out for a nice dinner. Being boring people we'll probably just come home and watch some more of the LOST series we are renting. We are starting Season 2's DVD's now.


Pegg S said...

Great card! I love this set too and am wondering if I should buy it. What about Wall-E ? We hardly ever go to the movies, but it was so good and a good movie to see on the big screen!

Auntie said...

I can't see anything wrong with the tree....Card is great

Niki Estes said...

Your card turned out great, Judy! You're too hard on yourself! I love LOST, too. I'm sad next season is suposed to be the last one. I keep hoping they'll change their minds and keep it going longer.

crazed lunatic said...

damn...thought i'd commented this one.... i do like this card. and if you wouldn't have told me of your tree, i wouldn't have seen it... i still don't see it... ;)