It Was A Lovely Luncheon

Meet my friend Maria. Yesterday was her birthday. I got a phone call last week "We are having lunch for Maria's birthday on Tuesday.Meet at Plums at Noon." Plums is somewhere in a little nearby village and I have never eaten there. We gathered today and celebrated and made plans to get together again. Maria had some orange cake for dessert and blew out her birthday candle and her wish was "That we all get together here next year and celebrate again." Perfect.
This is Joann and Maria and Laura. Joann had a baby and six days later had a major heart attack that went untreated for hours at the hospital. The doctors on call did not treat her for the heart attack, even though all tests showed she was having one. After all, she is a tiny, healthy woman in her early 30's. For a while after this she was on the heart transplant list, but has since become healthy enough to be taken off. She has to live a quiet stress free life, and has some good friends who help her accomplish this. Her son is now 4 and she is our miracle.
Odette came a little late and, as usual, was moving 100 miles a minute so I could not get her to slow down for a good photo. She and Maria are dentists.

It was so nice to be out and about and sit for hours at lunch and catch up. My mom took the kids to the Children's Museum. They want to go to the Zoo, but it is 90 degrees out and not likely to happen until it is much cooler. Like October.

Tomorrow the kids will be all mine, all day, again. I need to go and craft now, while the kids are not sitting next to and talking to me.


Auntie said...

My friend Becky's sister-in-law had heart problems after she had her last baby and it was not treated right away either! You would have NEVER thought she would have heart issues either! She has always been thin and ate healthy! Me on the other hand...have pretty good blood pressure and all my cholestrol levels are just fine...who would have thunk?

crazed lunatic said...

i wanna see what you made her! ;)