I Just Can't Stop Doodling

I made this for another Hanna Stamps Challenge. This challenge is to use the Bridal set for a non Bridal purpose. I used a stamp from Verses for the sentiment and made my cake into a birthday cake.

I have a neighbor whose birthday is Monday, so I think I'll give the card to her. Along with a gift of...what else?! A pack of cards! Oh, yes, you know it's true!


crazed lunatic said...

love the card, girlie! :) and am loving how you filled aaron's comments up on his blog! the joke was on ME because I thought that all my friends had deflected to reading his....and it's to find out that it was just one of the most important friends... ;)

Tex said...

How on earth do you do this???
I "insist" on the "sharing of the secret" later in August! hehhehheh