No News Wednesday

I hate to go too long without posting, but after Monday's Craft Bonanza, I am left with little else to show you. I thought I'd post a Fourth Of July picture for your amusement. We went to our local little town for their festival and fireworks display. The kids collected all kinds of free stuff and wanted a photo with this dog. he was there advertising an overnight kennel. I felt bad for whoever was in the costume. I know they had to be hot in the heat, and to have kids grabbing anf hugging on you all day? No thanks.

I did learn that this kennel has coyote rollers. I had never heard of them before. They are a bar that rolls and attaches on top of your fence. That way, whenever something tries to jump in or out, the bars roll and the jumper is thwarted. Since our dog jumps our four foot fence at will, I may need to check these out. I found the internet site, but pricing is not listed. Do they know who they are messing with? Heck, I could probably make my own with reinforced paper towel tubes and dowel rods. The nerve of them to make me ask for pricing info and collect my personal data!

One child is at day camp and another is at a friends house so I am doing laundry while waiting for a stamp order to arrive in the mail. Maybe I'll have something to show off tomorrow.


crazed lunatic said...

I'm certain you could make them yourself.... ;)

Hope you enjoy your break and that your stamps arrive safely! :)

Katie said...

I love the idea of you making the coyote rollers yourself too. :)