Yes, We Are Home

Auntie (of the comments) wants to know why I haven't updated the blog, since I am home and must have time on my hands. Let's see, I had a good night's sleep in my king size bed, ran erands, worked on laundry, and got the dog back from the "dog camp".

While we were away Noah learned to kayak. He really wanted to do this, and claims he enjoyed it a lot, but every time we looked at him, it sure looked like he was working hard. He was very happy, though.
We grilled out, went to Mackinac Island, went to an indoor waterpark, swam at the pool, and played at the beach. Seth drank hot chocolate day and night. No kidding. The place we stayed had free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. seth ran back and forth to get hot chocolate as often as he could. The weather was beautiful and never above 80 degrees. I tell you, Northern Michigan is heaven in the summertime.

Best of all, the boys slept soundly everyday. They hate photos like this, so I just had to post it. In between them is Mumbles, from the movie Happy Feet. He goes almost everywhere with Seth, but especially to bed. Mumbles can't go to school, but Seth would take him if he could.


Auntie said...

Finally! LOL!! Good to see some pictures! Keep them coming! LOL

Glad to have you home....let's get another girls night out in the next week or 2....

crazed lunatic said...

so happy that you had a good time. am loving the pic of them sleeping!

can't wait to see you guys....i have a little something for each of you! :)

Candice said...

Great pics, Judy - your boys are cutie pies and it looks like you guys had a great time! I love Michigan in the summer too - the weather is so nice!

Africakid said...

That is my favorite picture of your boys! I have to admit, sleeping kids just melt my sister and I always used to sneak into our children's bedrooms at night, just to see them looking like little angels (that's the closest they get, ha).