Crab Bake

I made this as an invitation to a good old fashioned Crab bake. Hanna is holding stamps from the Stampin' Up set, Crab and Co. I used the pot from "Basket Full of Fun" and put them on a charcoal fire. Hanna is from the set "Fun in the Sun". The background was kept plain, as the card itself is already very busy.

(* Editoial note to friends....of course I am not having a Crab bake. Are you kidding? I live in Indiana, where the heck wuld I get fresh crab? And if I got it, do you think I would share? I would be rollin' in the crab cakes, baby! I just had to come up with some sort of story for when I posted it at Splitcoast. It sounds better than saying "My mind is whack, I don't know where I get these ideas, but I made it, so you'd better like it.")

I also made some tumbled tiles today. The one on the lower left stays home but the others are for the Teacher's Lounge at Seth's school. Scott and I painted it a couple years ago and tried to add a couple of homey decorative touches. The lounge was expanded this summer, so I thought I would add a few different tiles to the enlarged space.

My main goal is to keep the kids seperated from each other. They enjoy running through the house and pounding on each other, but if one if otherwise engaged, the screaming and pounding is less. Yes, I am anxious for school to start.


Katie said...

I second your "wish school would start."

Love the crab bake card. I was never invited to one while we lived on the East Coast and actually only ate crab cakes like 3 times. Kinda sad really.

crazed lunatic said...

dammit, i thought we were gonna have a crab bake!! *sobs*

Auntie said...

I am with you crazed lunatic! I was hoping for an invite too!!! Darn it!

As a side note, LOVED THE CARD...!!! The colors are way cute!

Auntie said...

I third the idea about school starting...just because I miss having lunch with my friend Judy!

Aaron B. said...

Don't wish for school starting! That's unfair!