Monday Round Up

Scott took my bored kids to Conner Prairie yesterday, a local living history museum. It is just a few miles from our house so we have a membership. While they were gone I got in some crafting time. I made a little goody bag for a friend (above) using a coffee type bag that I got at a local paper products store. I stamped it with the Hanna Stamps' Pirate. I just love the pirate! I did not know what kind of stamp my friend would like, so I was able to use what I like.

And this is the gift bag I made for my neighbor who has a birthday today. It has matching cards inside and a little tic tac holder I decorated.

I babysat three neighbor kids today and we made tiles with photos on them. None of these four kids is mine, they are all neighbor kids. I used tumbled tiles from Lowe's and photocopied photos and used mod podge to apply the pictures to the tiles. I had little tile holders in my utility room, so I sent them home with something the tiles could sit on, too.

We also made soap today. The kids added little toy frogs and reptiles and whatever I had in my stash of plastic toys. We dyed the soap blue and red for the finished products. The mom loved the tiles, but the kids loved the soaps.

This is Seth and his beloved Mumbles in their matching t shirts that we made last week with iron ons. They also have matching yellow shirts with moose on them. From now on we will have to stick to the plain white t shirts. I did not like the added step of having to dye a onesie yellow so Seth and Mumbles would have matching colors.

Noah was at camp most of the day so he missed most of the fun. Really, it was fine because he would rather play than craft any day.


Candice said...

You're so crafty, Judy!! I think I may have to send my kids over for you to babysit - LOL!!

crazed lunatic said...

this is why you're my friend.....

....go see the carnage at my blog, girlie.... am so sad and honked off.... :(

Cindy Haffner said...

Judy you have been a busy girl, love all your work.

Auntie said...

My lunch hours are so lonely I could die. Can't wait to see you again!

Tex said...

You must be the most FUN babysitter in town! What a fun idea, Ms. Judy!