The Christmas Creep

We are all experiencing it, Christmas is creeping up and I know of no one who is prepared for it this year. Want some homemade granola? That's all I got for ya so far!

Tomorrow is Twin Day at school and Seth has no one who will dress like him, so he is worried/bothered/freaking out. You also have to send in two cans of food for Dress Up days. I wish I'd been prepared and bought something the food pantry could actually use. So far it's beans and soup from my house. I learned long ago not to send in food in boxes, like mac and cheese, because it gets crushed under the cans.

I have no plans for dinner and wish I did, I usually have something cooking or thawing or preparing at this pint, but today my mind is empty. Maybe it will be pizza night. Everyone here loves the delivery of pizza and breadsticks.

I have been painting with Maria this week and last, but don't have anything back from the kiln to show you. Painting takes many layers and coats of paints. so it feels like it takes forever to finish any project.

I am looking for a giant jug of Elmers Glue. Noah is having a birthday party on Saturday and wants to make goo/flubber. Don't even get me started on why the boy had a birthday in August and is only now having a party. Flubber only takes borax and glue. I have the borax. I thought I could get glue at Hobby Lobby, or WalMart, or Michaels, So far, no luck, only small containers. Joann's tomorrow is my only hope or I will be going door to door in the neighborhood borrowing everyone else's glue. If I happen to contact you, know I am not sniffing the stuff, I really do have craft plans.

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Gina said...

Try a teacher supply store for a large volume of glue. I know some sell it in bulk.

Flubber is so much fun!