The Christmas Scrooge

I made this card for a sketch challenge a few days ago for SCS. Everyone over there is worried about getting started on Christmas cards. Me? Not so much. But this will put me ahead of the game for Fourth of July preparation. The image is from Inky Antics and the patterned paper is from Paper Source.
I did venture out to Michaels today. I had a coupon for 25% off my whole purchase, including sale items. Unfortunately, very little was on sale. I did score some Boku yarn at my local yarn shop. Now I am all ready to knit hats....if only they could find the hat pattern I want. Seriously, they have a cool hat on display, but no one seems able to find the pattern and I have been asking them about it for a week now.
Scott spent the day putting up outsode lights. I just don't get it. It's a lot of work in cold weather and you can't see them from inside your own house. I guess the neighbors enjoy them. I don't know, the closest neighbors to us don't decorate so it isn't like this is reciprocating action. I have always felt pretty good if we get a tree up. The kids love to decorate the tree and see the lights both in and out of the house. As for me....well, Christmas has just never been my thing.
Don't get my wrong. I love the love and kindness of the season and the highlight of the year will be exchanging homemade Christmas presents with my favorite girlfriends. I like Christmas carols, too. I even love to bake. Maybe it's the excess of the season I don't love.
Noah is of an age where he is hard to please and that will make him much less pleasant to be with this year. Maybe I will just give him money and gift cards, which is what he is asking for. But I have to be able to come up with a few toys or items he'll love. There has to be something the boy wants and I hope like hell I can find out what that would be.
Anyhow, it's the official start of the Christmas season and Scott is doing what he can to make my home a festive place. He is a good man who tries hard. I should be much more appreciative.


Lynn said...

What an adorable card! As talented and creative as you are I am a little surprised you don't love to decorate your house. I guess I understand is pretty much the same stuff every year. This is the first year I ever set my alarm to get my fat lazy butt out of bed to shop on "Black Friday". Not sure I'll ever do that again! I'm sure I saved money and I did get some surprises for Parker but I cursed, looked in other carts to steal what I couldn't find and lost that loving feeling while standing in line at Target.

Anonymous said...

Judy, I agree with you and Lynn, bah humbug. I still agree with the REAL MEANING of Christmas and spending time with loved ones but the commercial part drags me down. When the kids were little and I didn't have very much cash to do my shopping it was a challenge but oh so rewarding. I guess we are all so VERY spoiled since we all have so much.

I hope you had a very good Thanksgiving.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

OK,'re one funny lady! :)

Hoping you guys had a good Thanksgiving, Judy! :) Can't wait for homemade Christmas. YAY!