I was out of town this weekend with my friend Jenny. Her sister Susan had a birthday and wanted to go outlet shopping so we went to Ohio and shopped all day Saturday. Let me tell you, those ladies can shop! I got some nice warm socks, some pajamas for Seth, some gloves for me. Sad as it may sound to some, I am so happy to have some new warm socks. Usually my socks are a bag of 6 for five bucks at walmart-or some ridiculous price like that. This time I bought pretty socks. The kind you pick out one pair at a time. Oooohhh La La. I am a a simple girl and easy to please.

Mostly I carried people's bags. Jenny said "You know, I never spend money like this." But really she does. I have seen her shop before, and if I am never going to let myself spend money with wild abandon, at least I know someone who can! She taught the boys at their local elementary school, and her husband will soon be a doctor. She deserves to spend all the money she wants. I did have a good time and we spent the night at a hotel and came home Sunday. It was nice to eat out and not have kids around. But, I did not read or knit as much as I had hoped. I was a team player.

I came home, and no one seems to have noticed I was gone. The house was clean enough and the kids were fine. The dog and Seth did miss me, and that was nice. I did call on the way home and ask Scott what kind of shape the house was in. I don't enjoy a messy home and really don't want to come home to one.

The card above was made for the Friday Hanna Challenge at SCS. It was sketch challenge, and I used paper from Basic Grey. The man is "Anthony" and the dog is from one of the dog sets, I can't remember which one. Well, there are three dog sets, how can I remember? I am getting older everyday!

I did buy a couple of surprise presents for friends while I was gone. Lynn, did you hear that? Something is for you, and it's not homemade. Get your smile on. You are going to pretend to love it.


Summerthyme Studio said...

Love this card and the sentiment

Nice work Judy!


Auntie said...

Cute card. Glad you had a good time this weekend. I have such a short memory...I forgot you were going out of town and all weekend I kept waiting to hear from you...and/or blog.

What day this week does lunch work? Friday at MCL they have my favorite fish if you want MCL..otherwise, let me know and I will check out my coupons for something else tasty!

Anonymous said...

what, me, gift??? I love it already!!!
Glad you had a good time. Isn't it fun to help others spend money?

crazed lunatic said...

loving Anthony's blue eyes! ;)

glad you got away... is so nice to have time away with girlfriends!

Auntie said...

Are you sick again? You haven't posted anything or replied....this only means to me that you are sick...or busy. Normally after the seem to get sick. Are you ?