Tonight finds me recovering from food poisoning so this will be a quick post before I go back to bed. Seth wanted to go to Fazoli's for lunch yesterday and I have spent the last 30 hours or so paying for it. I am better now and no longer praying for a quick end to the misery.

I thought I would divert your attention to two Hanna Challenges I posted on Friday at SCS. Above is an answer to Candice's sketch challenge and below is an entry to the non traditional baby card.
See? Baby Moose is sick so his friend Bedtime Moose packed up a bunch of toys and brought them over for a visit with his friend. The toys and wagon are from Hanna's Vintage Toys set and the birdie is the parrot from Pirate Hanna. I stamped them and cut them added and put them together and popped them all up on pop dots. The white paper is scored to resemble wall board, you just can't tell in my photo but it is a cute room scene if you see it in person.
Tomorrow Scott and I are both getting our teeth cleaned so I don't know if I'll have time to create anything in the morning before I go. Normally before I go to the dentist I am really good about flossing for weeks in advance so it's not so obvious that I forget to do it most of the time. Not this time, the visit sort of snuck up on me and I am sure I will get a lecture about my poor dental hygeine habits.


alohatammi said...

I just ordered Riley Bedtime Moose. I love his little bunny slippers and teddy bear. He makes me feel all warm n comfy. Thanks for sharing.


Auntie said...

My dentist has ALWAYS said I do the best job of flossing and brushing....the truth is, I "try" to brush twice a day and NEVER floss. I NEVER have any build up and my teeth are spaced in a way where flossing isn't required....good genes I guess. One dentist asked me how long I had braces for. When I told him I never had them he almost fell over because my teeth were straighter than anyone he has ever seen without them. I am so lucky! So very very lucky!

Sorry to hear you were under the weather...I guess Fazoli's for lunch sometime soon will be out of the question then...(haha!)

Anonymous said...

Auntie, you didn't get the "genes" from me. I have had nothing but bad dental check-ups. Probably from no childhood check-ups. So glad I was able to give them to you. It irks me when a young hygenist tells me how to brush. Like I haven't in 60 years. Yes, I do floss every night too. Judy, so sorry you were sick, knew something was wrong when you wasn't posting.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Love your sleepy time challenge card!! Cute Cute Cute!