Normal Day

There's just not much happening here. It is a nice quiet day. The weather went from warm and hospitable to cold. Overnight. We usually have some cooler days move in and let you know that winter is coming. We had none of that this year. Just all of a sudden. Bam! It's freakishly cold! I don't like it so much.
I did get a scarf at a friend's jewelry party though, and have been wearing it ever since. It matches my coat and makes me look like I have some style. At least till I take my coat off and you can see I don't. It's only a little silky thing, but it sure does help keep the cold out. I guess my mom was right. Is it too late to call her and thank her for her advice from 30 years ago, which I have just now found to be true?
But I can't call my mom right now. She is in Paris. My afraid to fly mother (seriously afraid, she took classes to overcome her fear) drugged herslf up (I'm just guessing, she said she would) and got on a plane with my dad to Paris. My dad gets in one good trip a year, always by himself or with a group. For the first time EVER my mom decided to go. They fly into our brand spankin' new airport tomorrow and I will hear about the good and the bad soon after that.
The top photo is of a bookmark I made for a Hanna Stamps Challenge. We are to use this set, Read My Tee, and make a bookmark. Bookmarks are not my thing, so by being one of the first to show what they have made, I have ensured everyone else that they could be winners, because it sure would not be me.
I made a little Riley Moose pendant to wear. I saw a tutorial on SplitCoast and thought I would try it. On SCS they melted ultra thick embossing powder and glazed the stamped image. I didn't have a melter thing, so I used a couple coats of clear craft varnish. I decided it would not be thick enough so I then coated it in Glossy Accents, front and back. I coated one side and waited for it to dry before coating the other. Still not sure, I sealed it with Krylon Triple Thick Spray. I added a pin to the back with glossy accents and plan to wear this on my coat till thanksgiving.
Despite the fact I made this harder on myself than I had to, I like it, and it is thick enough to wear. I may make a variety of moose for the holidays. I do like how it turned out.


crazed lunatic said...

i have the heat tool that i would be happy to donate to your cause. i also have some thick embossing powder, too.... just let me know if you want it. i can always get it back if i get my mojo back! ;)

BTW, kudos to your mom for braving it and making memories with your dad. Hope she brings you back something! ;)

Captain Tom said...

Please let your mother know that the difficulty she has with flying can be effectively dealt with. Having worked with anxiety and fearful fliers for twenty-eight years, I'm sure I can help. Please tell her about

Auntie said...

Very cute pin! I didn't see it today...did you wear it?