Guinea Pig Fun

Noah wanted a guinea pig and we were lucky to find Steph's sister in law Alaina, who had 2 who could go to a good home. Above is Pearl and below is Emerald.
This little piggy is so stinkin cute and the photo does not do her justice. Noah has renamed her Emily, and she loves to cuddle. Actually they both do. These two are the loves of Noahs life and I don't know when they sleep, hopefully when Noah does, as he often has one or both with him around the house. He even picked up some poo today. It's a small vistory for me, but a happy one.
I survived Noah's birthday party and about 10 12 year old boys who came storming through my home. We made flubber, we buried treasures in plaster, opened presents and had cake and ice cream. That was the first hour, and we had planned on the kids being here for two hours. The second hour they just played with the piggies. Thank God for small favors, because I was all out of ideas!

I finished the Hanna I started for Hanna Challenge #44 over at Splitcoast. The challenge was to make a scene card. I made Hanna in her kitchen. This is really me, whenever I am in the kitchen, my dog is underfoot. I really like the monogram I addeed to her apron, it's so Bree Van de Kamp-ish. (Forgive me if you don't watch Desperate Housewives and understand the reference.) The paper is from Flair Designs and the punch is from Martha Stewart, appropriately enough.


Alaina said...

I am so glad that the kids love the pigs so much and that they've found a good home. I have no doubt that your boys will be very good parents to them :-)

crazed lunatic said...

am glad that they are doing well and that you survived the party! :)

thanks for the sweet compliments about my boy. is nice to know that he's good outside the house. :)

Kristi said...

heeheee look at those....Give them a hug for me.....

Summerthyme Studio said...

Your scene card is adorable!!! Nice Work!