The Winds of Change

This is a new Riley Moose from Hanna Stamps available tomorrow at the hanna party on SplitCoast. I made the card for the Sketch Challenge today. The quote says "Chocolate is the answer" and is from Amuse. I love the little quote stamp so I am sure you will be seeing it everytime I have some a chocolate themed card. It just makes me smile.
Today though, democracy is the answer. Except in Alaska, where I hear they re elected convicted felon Ted Stevens. (Is that his name? It suddenly doesn't seem right.) Having been to Alaska I can only say, people there certainly are their own breed. Years ago there were lots of news stories that there were a lot of single men available in Alaska. When I was there I saw T shirts that siad "The odds are good, but the goods are odd. Never were there truer words. Scott loves the Alaskan wilderness. He longs to go back. Me? Leave me on a Hawaiian beach.
Let's just say the last two states added to the union give us both reasons to be happy. Was it Eisenhower who brought them to us? Best thing a Republican President ever did. They are both great vacation destinations.
As for lunch yesterday, it was decent. The other ladies claimed to love it. Love it very much. It was resonably priced and I had chicken. There was no red meat to be found on the menu. Mrs. Ukraine ordered soft shell crab. I had bever seen anyone order it before so I had to watch her eat. You just put the whole crab piece, shell and all in your mouth and chew. Hmmmm. I was born and raised here in Indiana and we are not known for seafood. I am very willing to try new food places, mostly so I can see what other people eat. Me? Not so adventurous about food really. I blame my upbringing, which I am in no real hurry to overcome.


crazed lunatic said...

love to try new things.... BUT, within limits (fish is usually off limits)...i really like to know WHAT i'm eating....

thanks for the funny stories on my blog... you can take it over any time you like. ;)

Auntie said...

I have never heard of putting the shell into your mouth....maybe that is a Ukraine thing...

I don't like muscles...I had those once and thought it was like having a runny snail in your you know what I am saying about snails being runny? I remember I used to step on something runny when I was little and used to call it a snail...grosses me out totally thinking about it.

Cute card. Love chocoloate sayings too!