The Good Wife

Before I dazzle you with my life story: Look! I made more art! This was for the Hanna Stamps Challenge to make a bookmark with Read My Tee Hanna. I made one earlier, but really didn't like it. Not only did I improve on the bookmark, I used the color challnge colors at SplitCoast, so more people would pull it up and see it. If you compete in one of the challenges, more people are likely to view your work and comment on it. This makes me feel like at least somebody saw what I did and I am not in this world alone, holed up in my basement/cave creating alone.
My kids went to see the Lion King last night. It was one of those Broadway on tour shows that costs an arm and a leg. My mother bitched and moaned at me for a while to get tickets, as she knew the boys wanted to see it. Unfortunately, my kids want a lot of stuff they will never get, and this was one example. We did look for tickets, but we needed reasonably priced tickets for a night that was not a school night and that just never happened. So my mom broke down and bought the tickets and took the grandchildren (the boys have two girl cousins). Everyone had a great time.
Scott and I had dinner out at Red Robin. Neither of the boys really likes to go there. We don't know why. Then we went to the new James Bond movie. I don't know what possessed me. I hate James Bond. Always have, probably always will. But Scott wanted to see it, and I hated to go home and just watch TV of our choosing, instead of some cartoon channel. I had "Date night" and didn't want to waste it. I did not enjoy the movie, but complained NOT ONE BIT. I am after all, trying to be a good wife. Scott enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the scenery of the places Bond travels to.
Tomorrow we will be home all day, while we await going to my parents for 5PM dinner. It's late to me, but that's the way it is. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Day as well.


Anonymous said...

I saw your delicious cake at school and my mouth was watering. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. I am working on your Christmas presents and looking forward to getting together!

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is very sweet!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Judy!


Becky said...

hee hee! Too funny! What girl LIKES James Bond I ask? CUTE coloring...I like her :)