A Day in the Desert

I hate to sound like a broken drum, but Dang, I am so tired of winter! We have had cold and more cold, snow and more snow. The only saving grace is that the weather is always predicted to be downright terible and it is always slightly better than the prediction.
I felt like some warmth for the day so I broke out my Route 66 set from Hanna Stamps and made a card with a desert scene. I am in love with all the little accessory stamps that come in the sets. Nearly everything is from that set, the stop sign, the lizard, the cactus, the cloud....I feel warmer already.
Scott had a meeting this morning and left me bright and early with the kids. I came downstairs this morning and found Noah had eaten his way through a box of pop tarts. Well, he ate several packs of them at any rate and the trash was scattered throughout the family room. He was asleep on the floor, no doubt from the carb and sugar coma he had induced.
I took the boys out to Lowe's, as once a month they have free wooden kits that kids can put together. Noah built a small desk calendar and Seth built a periscope. It is pretty simple, they give you everything in a pack and the kids just have to get the mails in the pre drilled holes. I hope you all find some cheap fun this weekend, too.

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Auntie said...

Mrs. P took me to the beads store in Carmel. Beth sent me $20 bucks to fix her necklace and I need gold crimp bead covers so I bought those...along with some other goodies. I didn't spend much considering she sent me the money...I told her it wouldn't cost much but I think she wanted me to get a few things to play I did!