What Moose do on Vacation

The naughty moose in the grass kirt has only a lei on her top parts, and the other moose is dancing in her bikini. This could be a snapshot of me on my last vacation. :) (Don't I wish I could have this much fun again?)

The moose are sold seperately from Hanna Stamps, but I could not resist the urge to put them together. I made my own background with a wheel fom SU, and added floral brads, felt flower, ribbon and embossing powder to look like sand.

I wish I was with these moose today. the weather is my least favorite combination of cold and rain. My hair is frizzy, my socks have holes in them, and I just want to go snuggle in bed, but I am off to school to volunteer insted.


Auntie said...

And you had lunch out!

Maureen said...

This card is just adorable!! Every element works so well together!

Kristi said...

OMG I love this. I laughed out loud...Heeeheee