Wild Wednesday

As I write this, all I can hear in the background is my son Seth crying about how his brother changed the TV channel when he was watching it. Funny, he was supposed to be sitting at the table going his home work, not watching TV. Let me tell ya, that kid has a pair of good lungs on him.

The card for today features Mikey. Mikey is the late brother of the owner of Hanna Stamps, Kristi Ferro. I wanted to make a respectable card given the nature of the set. The background paper is Scenic Route and the image is colored with copics. The set has great accessory stamps, a dartboard, darts, beer, potato chips, a hat. I love them. They are perfect for me. I am so happy that the Hanna's I have been working on for so many months now have a man in their life.

I made a tasty chicken tortila soup for dinner tonight, but by the time dinner arrived I was the only one home to eat it. Where does my family disappear to? Well, the kids were out playing since it was a beautiful day and Scott never bothers to come home for dinner time. I guess he likes cold food or can't stand his family. He denies both of these, but given his pattern I am beginning to wonder. At least Mikey my imaginary man was here to keep me company.


Iscrap said...

Just wanted to send you some (((hugs)))

Tex said...

Oh my goodness! I'm crazy over this huge bag 'o' potato chips! Great card, Judy!