Just Another Busy Day

Sorry to go so long between posts, I have just been super busy. It hasn't even been exciting stuff, just the normal routine...after school activities, homework, dog walking, shopping. I did get s couple of hours today to look for clothes and thought I'd do some shopping before spring break. I got some shirts on sale (Go Kohl's!) but what I really need are shorts. No luck there. I did score some goggles on sale for the boys. They both really like to have goggles at the poo. I don't get it. I never had goggles as a kid. Plus, the water sticks to the goggles and you can't see. It makes them happy so I got each kid two pairs. It is easier to get them goggles than to hear their complaints.

Seth is complaining these days about his birthday. He wanted to have a magician come for his party. I called the magician and it turns out he charges $250.00. He said he brings animals and does a one hour show. But still, I am not paying thatmuch for a kids' party. Seth is now sad and sullen and refusing to chose another activity for his party. I think we will have cake, ice cream, and maybe pizza if I still like him by the time his birthday is here next week. The problem is his birthday always run close to Spring Break so we probably won't have a party for him till mid April when we are back and in school again.

The card today is from Hanna Stamps, of course. The dog is from the Large Breed set and the duck is from Rainy Days. The saying says "My Best Friend". I could not get good light today so the card looks a bit dark. Sorry, but that is the way it is. The paper is DCWV and the shine is already added, I did not hand emboss all the bling on the cards myself. Of course, I would if it would enhance your viewing enjoyment.


Auntie said...

My brother said Old Navy has sales out the may want to try there. BTW, you missed the letter L in your word pool. Your kids like to have goggles at the poo. I had to laugh at that!

Hope you had a good day without me! (sigh!) Headache is much better now.

Iscrap said...

Poor Boy. But, it's not a bad thing for him to learn early on about disappointment... it's hard to say no to our kids though, isn't it? $250 is ridiculous!! My brother is a magician, I would send him your way if I was closer!

Love the card...melts my hear the dog looking at the cute duck!

Kristi said...

Ohhh Poor Seth, I am on his side for his birthday...:))
Ok now on to the card...LOVE this card. I hope he doesn't eat that cute duck...YIKES!!!! :P